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Luxury Lites Ego-U E-Cig Kit

Luxury Lites EGO-U Kit

Rechargeable / Refillable E-Cig


If you are looking for an Ego electronic cigarette that lasts all day, produces incredible vapor and is perfect for the heavier smoker, this is the unit for you. Finely crafted, excellent reviews and a wonderful price. The Superior eGo kit comes with everything you need for eGo e-cigarettes, so you can share one with a friend or have a backup. Can be refilled with all different types of E-juice. Also includes 5-click safety lock to avoid unnecessary usage. This is simply one of the best systems on the market!
Ego-U Electronic Cigarette Double Starter Kit includes:
2- eGo 650 mAh batteries
2- CE4 clearomizers
1- Fast USB charger (2.5 hour charging time)
1- Wall charging adapter
1- 10ml empty bottle with needle cap


Ego-U Electronic Cigarette Single Starter Kit includes:

1 - eGo 650 mAh batteries

1 - CE4 clearomizers
1- Fast USB charger (2.5 hour charging time)

Please note this kit does NOT include E-juice. It must be purchased separately.

Tips: When filling the CE4 with E-Juice, stop filling when you reach the bottom of the rubber cap inside. When you first fill the CE4, let it sit horizontally for 5-10 minutes so that the threads have time to absorb the E-Juice, this prevents any burning taste and ensures good flavor. Occasionally rotate the CE4 in a horizontal position to keep the threads wet