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Luxury Lites Disposable E-HookahLuxury Lites E-Hookah

Luxury Lites Disposable Hookah (E-Hookah)

(Zero Nicotine - Nicotine Free)


The Luxury Lites Disposable E-Hookah is a unit that is ready to use and requires no setup. You get a great smooth flavor, just like smoking the hookah. The disposable hookah lasts up to 700 puffs and has an auto power shutoff feature. It is the size of a pen and is very travel friendly. Available in 11 flavors - Apple Cider, Pina Vino, Cherry Berry, Melon Slush, Mint Chocolate, Cherry Passion, Passion Punch, Tropical Punch, Very Berry, Pomegranate Power, and Strawberry Daquiri.

This is the 0% Nicotine (Nicotine Free) version.