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Sigelei 30W Mod

Sigelei 30W

Rechargeable / Refillable E-Cig


The Sigelei 30W is a robust variable power device based on the SX300 chip. It can be set from 7 to 30 watts in 0.1 watt increments. The Sigelei 30W can handle an atomizer resistance range between 0.5 and 3.0 ohms. The device features a beautiful stainless steel design, an easy to read digital display, and a removable drip well for compatibility and easy cleaning. Settings are controlled via use of a built in gravity sensor system (tilting the device).

This mod is for advanced users familiar with basic ohms law and principles. All the usual safety features are built in, but it is important to understand the interaction of coil build to electronics capabilities & performance work together.

The lower design limit of the board is 3V ... it's been found that the lower limit is actually a bit higher at 3.1V. What this means is if you go sub-ohm and attempt a Power setting lower than basic laws of physics would allow, that when you fire it your screen suddenly displays a higher Power output than your setting. The display is nice in this aspect ...

For example:
With a 0.7ohm coil on the unit set to 7W: The display then suggests an output voltage of 2.21V will be needed to achieve the 7W. Since the board in reality cannot go below 3.0-3.1V when you fire it in this example the REAL output jumps to 13W+ and the voltage goes to a REAL 3.1V. Itís beyond its lower limits and fires at its real minimum capabilities given the atty resistance. This is normal and not a malfunction.



Variable Wattage - 7W to 30W

Output Voltage - 3.0V - 8.5V

Atomizer Resistance - 0.5ohm - 3.0ohm

Adjustable Center Pin

510 and Ego threaded

OLED Screen

Battery Charge Indicator

Ohm Meter

Gravity Sensor System - Adjust settings by tilting the device

Short Circuit Protection

Reverse Polarity Protection

Only use a single IMR 18650 battery. This device is not compatible with protected batteries.

Low Voltage Warning

8-10 Second Cutoff Timer

Removable Beauty Ring

5 Click On/off

Dimensions: 5-1/2"L x 15/16"D