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TXH Custom E-Juice / E-Liquid


TXH Custom E-Juice / Vapor Juice / E-Liquid


The TXH E-Juice is the newest e-liquid to hit the market. Now enjoy all the popular flavors with your very own custom blend. TXH Vapor E-Juice is available in 10ml and 20ml bottles with a 50PG/50VG ratio. The TXH E-Liquid comes in 0mg, 3mg, 6mg, 9mg, 12mg, 15mg, or 18mg nicotine strengths. You can choose from 1 to 4 flavors to mix together and even add cloud juice to make bigger, better vape clouds!


TXH E-Juice:

-All ingredients are from USA

-Gluten-Free, GMO-Free, and uses only FDA approved certified food grade ingredients

-We use the highest quality VG, PG, Nicotine, and All-Natural Flavoring in our juice

-Made in small batches to ensure the quality of each blend

-High quality ingredients ensures better vaping, more robust clouds, smoother flavor, and easy drags


TXH Cloud Juice Addon:

-Makes bigger, thicker clouds

-We use USP Grade, Kosher, Made in USA, Highest Quality VG

1ml - 40PG/60VG

2ml - 30PG/70VG

3ml - 20PG/80VG


TXH E-Liquid Flavor Profile:

BANANZA- A smooth blend of natural bananas and cream, designed for monkeys, vaped by humans
BLACK CHERRY- Maraschino cherry blend with undertones of that black cherry love we all crave
BLUE BERRY- I’m blue da ba dee da ba die… its that good.
CAKE BATTER- Strait up Cake in a bottle.
COFFEE- This vape was created for the early go getter, a fresh way to start your day
FIREBALL- All time best cinnamon vape around.
GUMMY BEAR- You know you like it sweet…
HORCHATA- This creamy, rice milk with cinnamon hints is so fantastic
JUICY FRUIT- Biting into a delightfully refreshing stick of childhood memories.
LEMONADE- Need we say more….. Not overwhelming, not underwhelming, just… choice
LOU DOG- Top seller and staff choice. Buy it, really.
MELON HEAD- Inspired by perfect mornings spent eating plush, ripe, honeydew melons
MENTHOL- A refreshing sweet minty delight, like a cool tasty breeze . . . to the mouth.
MOON PIE- Combines the pure enjoyment of a lustfully delicious Moon Pie snack
OOZE- Incorporating a wonderful citrus combination
PEACH- This juice was created for the every day vapers, a fresh splash of ripe peach to the tastebuds
PINA COLADA- “Its got to be 5 o’clock somewhere” blend.
POPULAR ENERGY DRINK “RED BULL”- This is hands down the best popular energy drink flavor
RAZZLETAZ- You will wakeup, vape, and repeat with this pure berry blend of delight..
SCOOBY SNACKS- Hints of mellow gummy-type candy, it will satisfy your every need.
SENATORS CHOICE- Guava combined with our all-natural, American-made raw ingredients.
SERIOUS KIWI- A truly unique interpretation of Kiwi, combining our all-natural ingredients
STRAWS & GUAVS- The urban trend setting juice, for those who love guava, strawberry or kiwi
SWEDISH FISH- You know you want to vape it… go ahead, take a look.
SWEET MANGO- Beautifully prepared slices of fresh mango
TASTE THE RAINBOW- Equivalent to dropping into a barrel at pipeline during a Hawaiian sunset
TIGER BLOOD- Maybe the best Blend ever created. Seriously
TOBACCO- Our blend masterfully combines the pure natural tobacco flavor of the finest cigarettes
VANILLA BEAN- Smooth, natural, soothing, warm, and delightful
WATERMELON- The ultimate rush of deliciousness, fresh summer cut melon