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asmodus 26650 rda dripperasMODus 26650 30mm Atty RDAasMODus RDA 26650 V1.5


asMODus V1.5 26650 30mm Atty Dripper


The legendary asMODus 26650 Atty revamped! Just in time for its public release, say hello to the new asMODus V1.5 26650 30mm Atty Dripper!


Product Specifications:

Original asMODus design

304 stainless steel

Gear top design

Designed to fit 30mm 26650 mods

Includes stainless steel drip tip


V1.5 Changes:

Upgraded to copper contact

Upgraded insulator

Screw sockets have a stopping mechanism that helps prevent the breaking of wires from the tightening of screws

Includes key-ringed screwdriver