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Fat Snow Wolf Mod by asMODus


asMODus Fat Snow Wolf 26500 and asMODus 30mm Atty


Say hello to the brand new 26500 Fat Snow Wolf, available in this amazing new kit! The 26500 is a slightly miniaturized version of the 26650 Fat Snow Wolf; small enough to give it a new look but still large enough to be a Fat Snow Wolf! This kit will also include an asMODus atty, with the newly updated engraving, so that your 26500 will have that completed and flush look. This set will also feature our adjustable silver plated copper contact pins. To top it off we've included a battery so you'll be ready to go as soon as it arrives!


Product Contents:

1x 26500 Fat Snow Wolf, available for the first time!

1x asMODus atty

1x Drip tip

1x 26500 battery