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Infinite CLT RDA Rebuildable AtomizerInfinite CLT RDA Rebuildable Atomizer


Infinite CLT RDA Rebuildable Drip Atomizer


The Infinite CLT RDA features a split center post for some crazy custom builds! This is a high quality stainless steel rebuildable atomizer with copper contacts.


Product Specifications:


303 stainless steel

Fin-like design helps dissipate heat on top cap and drip tip

Built-in one piece posts

2x cyclops style rotating air slits

Stainless steel Phillips head post screws

Tri-pole with quad pole functionality

Copper plated center pin

Dome chamber top design

Knurled top cap - easy to grip and remove


Product Contents:

1x CLT Atty

1x drip tip

Wick and wire

Extra O-rings