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Innokin Itazte VV V3.0Innokin Itaste VV V3.0 Kit


Innokin Itaste VV V3.0 Variable Voltage / Variable Wattage

Rechargeable / Refillable E-Cig Mod


The Innokin Itazte VV V3 Mod E-Cig kit is a premium electronic unit that can be used with a numerous amount of tanks. It is rechargeable and refillable. The Itaste VV 3.0 unit is capable of many different features such as variable voltage and variable wattage. This is a top of the line unit for experienced users wanting the perfect vape.
Vamo V2 Vapor Cigarette Starter Kit includes:

1 Battery
5 iClear 16 Tanks
1 Fast USB Charger

1 Wall Charger