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Tobeco Cats RDA Rebuildable Atomizer


Tobeco CATs RDA Rebuildable Drip Atomizer Clone


The CATs RDA clone by Tobeco is probably the most unique dripper I've found. It has one big positive post in the center, with 4 negative screws around its outer ring, all existing within its inner chamber/chimney. The Tobeco CATs is optimized for quad coil builds, and has the airflow to prove it! The air travels from airholes located near the top, into the atomizers midsection (between the gold outer wall and steel chimney interior). Then, it enters 4 opposing airholes which serve to evenly distribute the airflow to each of the 4 coils you've built inside (awesomely, I might add). From there, the resulting vapor is condensed and concentrated against the chimney's conical top-cap, bringing you all the flavor and vapor you can handle. This Tobeco CATs Clone is unlike anything you've experienced before. I'd recommend having some building experience under your belt before attempting this one. But once you get it, this atomizer really rewards you!


Item includes:

1 x CATs RDA clone by Tobeco

2 x Pre-built & wicked coils

3 x Thumbscrews