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Vamo V2 KitVamo V5 Mod ECig Kit Colors


Vamo V5 Variable Voltage / Variable Wattage

Rechargeable / Refillable E-Cig Mod


The Vamo V5 Mod E-Cig kit is a premium electronic unit that can be used with a numeroud amount of tanks. It is rechargeable and refillable. The unit is capable of many different features such as variable voltage and power. This is a top of the line unit for experienced users wanting the perfect vape.
Vamo V5 Vapor Cigarette Starter Kit includes:

2 Batteries
2 CE4 Tanks
1 Fast Battery Charger

1 Vamo V2 Mod Unit



Variable voltage: Adjust the voltage output from 3.0 to 6.0 volts in 0.1 volt increments.

Variable wattage: Set the preferred wattage (from 3 to 15 watts) and the VAMO V5 will adjust the voltage automatically no matter what atomizer you use.

RMS & AVG (Mean) mode: The VAMO V2 allows the user to switch between methods the device uses internally to calculate the voltage output. The default and recommended setting is RMS. RMS provides a more accurate voltage output. The APV may also run in Average (or Mean) mode. Average mode may result in output voltages higher than the user selected voltage on the device.

510 Threaded: Compatible with 510 atomizers, cartomizers, Vision Ego Clearomizer 2.0, eGo CE4 PLUS V2, Vision Vivi Nova Tanks, Smoktech DCTank (Kanger Clearomizer requires 510-Ego Adapter)

Can be used with single 18650, single 18350 or two 18350 (flat top). This device is not compatible with protected batteries.

Atomizer resistance check

Battery power check

Cutoff Timer: When you press the power button to use the device for 10-15 seconds or more, the device will turn off automatically.

When a single batteries voltage is less than 3.2v or dual 18350 batteries voltage is less than 6.4v, the screen will display LO v, which indicates that the batteries need to be recharged.

Atomizers at 1.2ohm or less, the screen will display LO Ω, which indicates that you need to use a new atomizer at higher resistance.

Atomizer short circuit the screen will display LO v.

Incorrect battery installation protection. The device will not work circuits will be protected.

Max current 5A

Minimum resistance 1.2 Ω

Thermal Monitoring

Correct Polarity Signaling

Heavy Duty Micro-switches

Vent Hole in Battery End Cap

Battery End Cap 'fail safe' designed to 'give way'