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Vape CaseVape Case by Lotus

Lotus Vape Case for iPhone, Galaxy, & Note


The newly advanced VapeCase SUB-ohm v2.0 - is not for the faint of heart. This is for the visionaries, the dreamers, the true cloud seekers. Imagine making unparalleled, room filling clouds with the purest preservation of flavor; every time. Because the SUB-ohm VapeCase v2.0 automatically calibrates to any heating coil rated for 0.3 ohm's or more, your olympic cloud will attract inquisitive and jealous onlookers. One of the things you'll love is the unprecedented battery capacity and technology. After a full weekend you wouldn't want your vaping performance to suffer just because the battery is a little low, would you? Consider what it would be like to never forget your mod somewhere random again; always by your side, always has your back, because it's in your pocket.

The sooner you get yours, the sooner you will believe.

SUB-ohm: iPhone 4 / 4s
SUB-ohm: iPhone 5 / 5s
SUB-ohm: Samsung Galaxy S3
SUB-ohm: Samsung Galaxy S4
SUB-ohm: Samsung Note 2
SUB-ohm: Samsung Note 3