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Jimmy the Juice Man









Jimmy the Juice Man E-Liquid

Vapor Juice / E-Juice


Once upon a time, in the far, far away land of Chicago, there was a man…. a juice man…. named Jimmy.  Jimmy was a vaper, and a discerning one at that.  He loved really good e-juice…. premium e-juice…. but he had grown tired of getting bent over on prices for the good stuff.

So, Jimmy began making his own.  Inspired by other juice men with their high price tags and terrible customer service, he began making premium e-liquid, but without the “premium” price tag.  Jimmy quickly grew a mob of rabid followers, and before long he realized it was business time.

Jimmy the Juice Man E-Liquid comes in 30ml bottles. It is available in 0mg, 3mg, 6mg, 12mg, and 18mg nicotine strengths. The 3mg nic strength is a MAX VG blend. Jimmy the Juice Man motto is Premium Vape sauce without the premium price gouging, handcrafted in Chicago, IL.

-Available in 30ml Glass Bottle
-Available in 0mg, 3mg, 6mg, 12mg, & 18mg Nicotine Strengths
-Made in USA
-40PG/60VG Ratio
-3mg MAX VG


 Jimmy the Juice Man ELiquid


Jimmy the Juice Man 30ml









Jimmy the Juice Man E-Liquid Flavor Profile:

Caramel Pear - A crisp, juicy pear drizzled with a super sweet, dark caramel glaze to create a mouthwatering e-liquid experience.

Cream Brulee - Jimmy's most famous and popular concoction, creme brulee, is a creamy- smooth, rich, and totally decadent cream vape with dark, burnt sugar, along with a bit of banana! It's like eating a dessert without actually having to eat it.

Peachy Strawberry - An intense fusion of peaches and strawberries that tastes like pure summertime squeezed into an e-liquid bottle.

Raspberry French - This e-juice tastes like raspberry... But with a bit of cream and a lot of awesome.

Shurb - A hot, sugary, creamy-smooth blend of raspberry, citrus, and lime (comparable to vaping an actual sparkling, magical rainbow) that is rainbow sherbet in e-liquid form. When dripped hot, you can feel the sizzling sweetness on your tongue.

Strawberry Astronaut - A sweet, refreshing strawberry vape with a little kick.

Shurbofol - All the deliciousness of Shurb, but with a bit of cooling menthol that really makes the flavor pop, and gives it that cold, refreshing, frozen sherbet feel.


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