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Vape Kitchen Epicurean E-Liquid 100% VG

Vape Kitchen OPUS







The Vape Kitchen Epicurean E-Liquid E-Juice Flavors


The Vape Kitchen has the most flavorful and smoothest epicurean e-liquids on the market because we use the best ingredients available.  Chef Oren also handcrafts and extracts many of his own flavorings from scratch which we use in our recipes. We only make small batches of our epicurean e-liquids so our products are always fresh yet do not need steeping.  Our vegetable glycerin & nicotine are 100% USP Grade Kosher and sourced from the most reputable US companies. The Vape Kitchen e-liquid products are proudly created in our own kitchens in sunny Southern California and are always free of diacetyl, water, food coloring and artificial sweeteners.


-100% VG

-Available in 3mg, 6mg, 12mg, & 18mg nicotine strengths

-15ml Glass Bottle

-Competition Bottle available

-Made in USA


 Vape Ktchen Epicurean ELiquid 100% VG


Vape Kitchen Epicurean E-Liquid 100% VG 15ml









Vape Kitchen Epicurean E-Liquid 100% VG 30ml









Vape Kitchen Opus E-Liquid


Vape Kitchen OPUS 30ml









Vape Kitchen E-Liquid Flavor Profile:

Bad Mutha Custard - Vanilla VG and add that to our creamy, rich custard base consisting of 3 different vanillas, 2 complex caramels, 4 different cream/milk compounds and a touch of spice. 

Charmin McLucky – Tastes like lucky charms cereal

Cherry Cola - Our proprietary cola blend with just the right touch of bing & Washington cherry essence.

Juicy Pear - Fresh, sweet, juicy pear at it's finest.

Lemon Cheesecake - Fresh Meyer Lemon infused Cremé fraiche slowly baked until creamy and golden.  Add a rich, buttery Graham Cracker crust, some fresh, unsweetened whipped cream and enjoy….oops.  Almost forgot the candied Meyer Lemon Zest!

Movie Mintz - Dark bittersweet chocolate covering thick, rich and creamy mint

Orange Creamsicle - A sweet & tangy orange popsicle coupled with vanilla bean ice cream

Pineapple Whip - Sweet and tangy pineapple perfectly balanced with a frosty, soft-serve sherbet base

Strawberry Milk Candy – A creamy, strawberry flavor sure to impress

Summer Solstice - A refreshing blend of 11 sunshine-inspired flavors. Light peach, citrus, and melon notes perfectly juxtapose the ginger/vanilla infused, mint julep finish

Thai Mango Sticky Rice - Fresh ripe mango slices atop a warm bed of Thai sticky rice slathered in sweet coconut cream and touch of condensed milk

Vanilla Chai Tea Latte - Sweet notes of vanilla, honey and frothy cream hold it all together

BFT (Best Fkin Tobacco) - Our own blend of domestic and imported tobacco flavors


Vape Kitchen OPUS Flavor Profile:

OPUS 1: A delightful blend of 25 flavors layered over a smooth and complex base of 14 day infused earl grey and Vanilla VG.  This creamy and smooth vape creates cream without using cream.  Perfect for all day vaping.


OPUS 2: Orange peel, naturally extracted tobacco and real Lafroaig Cask Strength Scotch provide the perfect compliment to Vanilla and Earl Grey infused VG.  Our 25 flavor deconstructed cream balances it all perfectly.


OPUS 3: The subtle sweetness and aromatic intrigue of rose, tobacco, cucumber and peach interplay brilliantly with the honey-like mouth feel of saffron infused VG and our deconstructed cream flavor base. 


OPUS 4: Warm and boldly toasted almonds pair naturally with toasted coconut and Spanish Saffron infused VG.  Generous notes of cream provide a comforting and rich base for this 30 ingredient Vape masterpiece.


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